A Brief History

Where it all began…

Back in the days of the pioneers, a log cabin sat on the Hauser prairie. With its cement cellar, it was the local ice house. But about 100 years ago, the railroad purchased the land, removed the cabin and built a home to house the workers who were laying the tracks across the highway. That home was later turned into a stagecoach stop and depot, and still later John Cogan’s General Store.

And a bet was lost…

In 1942, Raleigh Edward Arnold purchased the property and opened a bar. Even back then, the establishment was the biggest little party spot in North Idaho. And being creative, fun-loving people, Raleigh’s customers bet him $100.00 that he would not name the bar “Curley’s” because he, himself, was bald. He won that bet, and Curley’s acquired its now long-standing name.

Past to Present…

Raleigh passed on in 1953, and through many years following, Curley’s passed through the hands of four different proprietors. But in 1981, Larry Gutzmer (known to his friends and patrons as “Gutz”) bought Curley’s, which by then was a very old structure on two acres in need of serious renovation. Every year since then, Gutz and his daughter, Tanya Murray, have commissioned almost constant construction to improve your entertainment headquarters.

Come take a walk through Curley’s and experience a frontier museum adorned with a collection of relics from the past.

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